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Community Guidelines

ElevenEightyOne (1181) was formed to support people on their wellness journey of healing, self-discovery, and purpose. That mission entails creating an environment where people feel respected, feel heard, and feel seen. 1181 encourages self-expression and communication that facilitates a robust conversation and demonstrates respect for diverse experiences and viewpoints. We do not believe anyone has all the answers, and perspective is relative. That said, this forum was designed to give members the opportunity to make new connections, share their ideas, and expand their understanding as they build on the insights of others in the community. 

In order to uphold these values and create this safe space, we need to discourage the behaviors that threaten our ability to provide a collaborative, supportive community that welcomes the exchange of diverse beliefs. As such, there are some boundaries that cannot be crossed, including but not limited to:

  • Hate Speech (e.g., racism, homophobia, misogyny)

  • Disrespect (e.g., belittling others, namecalling, cursing others)

  • Harassment (e.g., bullying, unwanted sexual advances, trolling)

  • Violent Rhetoric (e.g., promoting terrorist acts, inciting violence, threats)

In addition, to keep our community safe and authentic, members are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:

  • Impersonation or Misrepresentation of Identity

  • Promotion of Illegal Activities

  • Solicitation or Phishing

  • Transmitting Spam or Malware

We rely on blog readers to report content that they find inconsistent with 1181 Community Guidelines. If you encounter a post that you believe violates Community Guidelines, please report it using the form below. All complaints will be reviewed, and, if validated, the post will be removed, and the offending party will be subjected to disciplinary action, including warning (depending on the severity of the offense) or disabling of subscription.

Let’s Work Together

Keep our community safe.

Report community violations here.

Thanks for submitting!

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